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The Best Quality, Variety & Selection
For over 35 years, Saltwater Fish Depot has been a popular supplier for saltwater fish and live coral for aquarium stores throughout the USA and Europe. With Saltwater Fish Depot's secure online store, we now ship the same huge variety directly to the home saltwater aquarist. The same aquarium saltwater fish, a huge variety of reef aquarium live corals, beautiful aquarium live rock, and all the algae control clean up critters and aquarium invertebrates you want for your home or office aquarium are shipped via UPS directly to your door, anywhere in the continental USA. For the beginner saltwater aquarium we stock a large variety of healthy "Easy" saltwaterfish , live coral, cleanup critters, and marine invertebrates. In the same way for the more experienced saltwater or reef aquarist, carries the rare and exotic specimens you want imported from only the finest worldwide suppliers. So we truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us. With over 500 pages from around the world and from the world's best aquaculture facilities we will provide you the best at the best pricing..

Buy Saltwater Fish Held 14 hours or 14 days?
Saltwater Fish Depot guarantees all Saltwater Fish and select invertebrates are held a minimum of 14 days to asure your selection has fully adapted to aquarium life. Our Quality Acclimation Program assures our customers only the highest quality specimens. Saltwater fish and fragile invertebrates are tanked for acclimation, under perfect conditions to allow for the easiest adaptation to saltwater aquarium life. Only once our livestock manager is assured they are ready for shipping will new marine life be added to our inventory for ship out to their new homes.  

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