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Boyd Vita Diet
Boyd's Vita Diet foods have been tested in Aquacon.coms tanks for many months now, and we are confident to say it is the best dry food available for our marine fish and corals and we highly recommend it.


Boyd Chemi Pure
With the addition of Chemipure many of our customers enjoy fewer necessary water changes. It's ability to sustain and stabilize higher water quality over longer periods makes it quite popular win both fish only and reef tanks.


Boyd Vita-chem
The vitamin supplement that Brings the coral reef to your fish! Not just another vitamin solution, it is the only solution that contains what fish receive in their natural environment, and which is lost in captivity.

 Boyd Chemi Mat
The Answer to all your phosphate problems.With Chemi-mat you can rid yourself of all the problems associated with the other phosphate removers.

 Boyd Chemi Clean
Removes disease causing red cyano bacteria (red slime) from live coral, live sand, live rock, everywhere! Also removes Black, Bluegreen, and bubble producing algae. Oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment. Clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear. Promotes ideal enzyme balance. Safe for reef tanks, all invertebrates, desirable macro algaes, nitrifying bacteria and fish.

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