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Boyd's Vita Diet
Boyd's Vita Diet provides exactly the food and minerals todays marine fish receive in their natural environment. Boyds Vita Food compounds are all fortified with the powerful Vita-chem formula. Aquarists around the world have been soaking their foods, frozen, freeze dried, fresh, pellet, dried algae, whatever they use, for years in Vita-chem formula. This combination has proven extremely beneficial to marine fish for years.
Boyd's Vita Diet Suggested Benefits
-Increased Growth
-Incresed Resistance to Disease
-Natural Vitality Restored
-Natural Appetite Restored
-Rapid Fin Regeneration
-Intense Natural Colors 

 Part #


Byd721-4 Vita Diet Slow Sinking Crumble 3oz  4.99
Byd722-6  Vita Diet Slow Sinking Crumble 6oz  8.99
Byd723-8  Vita Diet Slow Sinking Crumble 12oz  14.99
Byd724-5 Vita Diet Slow Sinking 1.5 mm 3 oz  4.99
Byd725-2  Vita Diet Slow Sinking 1.5 mm 6 oz  8.99
Byd726-9  Vita Diet Slow Sinking 1.5 mm 12 oz 14.99 
Byd727-6   Vita Diet Slow Sinking 2.0 mm 3 oz  4.99
Byd728-3   Vita Diet Slow Sinking 2.0 mm 3 oz  8.99
Byd729-0  Vita Diet Slow Sinking 2.0 mm 3 oz  14.99

Food For Your Reef
ZoPlan™ Advanced ZooPlankton Diet
ZoPlan is a blend of dried crustaceans and other sea creatures in a size range that makes an ideal food for marine invertebrates such as soft and stony corals, seafans, anemones, zoanthids, clams, scallops, featherduster worms, and other filter feeders. Also for plankton eating fishes. Rich in vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and lipids.

 #500323 - 1oz ~ $9.95

Julian Sprung's Mixed SeaVeggies® Flakes
(Palmaria, Porphyra, and Ulva sp.) 
Chopped natural seaweeds, harvested and dried to preserve their high nutritional value. Ideal for Tangs, Angelfish, some large Butterflyfish. 

Flake and dried foods are the most concentrated sources of the nutrition that fishes need to stay healthy, colorful, grow, and reproduce. However, many flake foods contain fillers that aren't so nutritious. Not these. These flakes don't need a list of ingredients. They're seaweed, period. The vitamins they contain are put there by mother nature. The flavors are natural. They're made from chopped natural seaweeds, nothing else. No fillers, just pure natural dried seaweed in tasty little flake-sized bits that your herbivores will devour.

#508022 - NET WT. 30g
(1 oz) ~

Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies
Super nutritious Natural Seaweed sheets. Ideal for marine herbivores such as Tangs and Surgeonfish, Moorish Idols, Parrotfish, Angelfish, large Butterflyfish. 30g (1 oz).

TL3353 Julian Sprung's Sea veggies - Green Seaweed
TL3333 Julian Sprung's Sea veggies - Red Seaweed
TL3531 Julian Sprung's Sea veggies - Red Flakes
TL3313 Julian Sprung's Sea veggies - Purple Seaweed
TL3511 Julian Sprung's Sea veggies - Purple Flakes

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NET WT. 30g
(1 oz) ~


Two Little Fishies Marine Snow Plankton Diet

Marine Snow Plankton Diet is a first of its kind product that reproduces the special biogenic suspended matter found in natural seawater, including "marine snow" aggregates. A food for filter-feeding marine invertebrates that feed on particulate and dissolved organic matter, phytoplankton and zooplankton.

TFMS8 - 8 oz $10.99

TFMS16 - 16 oz $15.99


Two Little Fishies CombiSan

TwoLittleFishies CombiSan (New updated Formula) is a bio-activator that contains all essential trace elements in special compounds easily absorbed by invertebrates, micro-organisms,marine fish. You can depend on CombiSan to replenish deficiencies in the composition of aquarium water resulting from protein skimming, use of activated carbon, biological processes, precipitation,extraction from the water by marine life. CombiSan fosters the development of pink calcareous algae, the rapid growth of reef building stony corals. It promotes tissue repair in fish, brilliant coloration in photosynthetic corals, anemones, Tridacna spp. clams. It`s the one marine supplement that does it all. CombiSan is nitrate, phosphate free!

250mL (8.4 fl. oz.) bottle. Dosage: 2-5 mL per week per 25 gallons (100L).

TFCMS - 8.4 oz


Liquid Life Bioplankton
BioPlankton is a preserved algae feed that meets the needs of the most demanding saltwater aquarist and mariculture professional. Through the dynamic of the marine food web, BioPlankton provides nutrient rich phytoplankton to direct and indirect consumers in the captive marine food web.Mariculture professionals use multiple algae in order to maximize the growth and reproductivity of target organisms. BioPlankton's formulation insures that you can provide the necessary planktonic nutrition to a range of direct and indirect consumers.

Product Breakdown:
- Nannochloropsis/ Green Algae 33.3% (76 Billion cells/ml)
- Tetraselmis/Green Flagellete 33.3% (.85 Billion cells/ml)
- Isochrysis/Golden Algae 33.3% (8.6 billion cells/ml)

- Highest cell count per milliliter of any retail plankton feed
- 3 algae species ranging from 2-16 microns
- 12 month freezer storage life

Liquid Life Products can be shipped with live good orders, or sent via next day UPS only.

 #BPK1 - $29.99

Selcon 60 ml bottle
Excellent for reef aquariums, it is the only aquarium food booster to feature Omega-3 fatty acids in a concentration suitable for the serious saltwater aquarist. Also contains Vitamin B12 and stabilized Vitamin C to enhance immune system function to prevent and reverse disease. Soak any freeze-dried or frozen food or feed Selcon to live brine shrimp to improve their nutritional quality. It can also be used directly in reef aquariums to benefit filter-feeding invertebrates. Treats 6,000 gallons. For marine use only.

* Concentrated nutritional supplement for marine fish and invertebrates
* Boosts the nutritional quality of any freeze-dried or frozen food
* Vitamin-fortified to enhance immune system function
* Use directly in marine aquariums to benefit filter-feeding invertebrates
* Rich in HUFA's
* Filters may be kept running
* Will not alter water chemistry
* Does not contain yeast, phosphate, or nitrate

 #SLCN - $9.99


Cyclop Eeze, Freeze Dried
30 Gram Can of Freeze Dried Cyclop Eeze®

Freeze-Dried CYCLOP-EEZE® are produced from the Deep-Frozen product. The process involves the removal of up to 80% moisture under high vacuum and low temperature. Although freeze-drying is an expensive procedure it assures that important, labile, bio-molecules such as Astaxanthene and Highly Un-saturated Fatty Acids are not degraded. The Freeze-Dried CYCLOP-EEZE® appear as a brilliant red-orange free flowing powder. The product contains no more than 5% residual moisture and is packaged in vacuum cans or bags. Freeze-Dried CYCLOP-EEZE® may be used directly as a larval food in aquaculture or as a feed additive in grow out and maturation diets, as well as in the aquarium industry.

We have found this an excellent addition to the food products being fed to coral reef tank
inhabitants. We have seen very good results with LPS corals, such as Orange sun polyp coral which were refusing to feed.



Current USA AquaChef Aquarium Fish Feeder -
Your fish will never miss a meal again!

AquaChef provides timely feedings to your aquarium whether you are in town or on the road. With it`s easy to use digital timer, serving dinner is no longer a chore.

- Giant hopper - 3" in diameter x 2" deep - large enough to hold food for even the big fish.
- Prevents moisture spoiling the fish food while mixing and crumbling the food
- Large menu – Handles almost any kind of fish food. Flake, pellets, even crumble
- Easy to program, the AquaChef will automatically feed your fish up to three times per day
- Go on vacation, take that trip.
- Or don`t be lazy, the manual overide button allows you to feed your fish at any time

Whats included:
Each AquaChef includes a fish feeder with large hopper, mounting bracket, double sided tape for free standing installations, two AA 1.5V batteries and complete instructions.


Kent Marine Sea Squirt Feeder
Extending fish and invertebrate feeding instrument for fresh & saltwater aquariums.

Extends from 21" to 35" for deep aquariums or hard to reach areas. Graduations on the tube indicate the volume of a supplement that has been drawn in. Features an extendable prong at the tip to deliver meaty foods to the afore-mentioned types of aquarium inhabitants. Constructed of durable material that may be completely disassembled for thorough cleaning
 #608569 - Sea Squirt Invertebrate Feeder $29.99

 Home Made
Fish Food Recipe

Aquatic Connections Home Made Fish Food Recipe

- Start with ANY greens, fruits and vegetables you can find. An example would include, but not be limited to; carrots, broccoli, yams, oranges, apples, Romaine lettuce, etc.

-Put all the above in a blender or food processor.

-Slowly add shrimp, crab legs (both with shells), and/or smelt. Do not use any fish that would contain high levels of oils, like herring or mackeral.

- Blend mixture as fine as possible.

- Add liquid vitamins or crushed tablets, you can also add Vitachem, Selco or Selcon. The mixture should have the consistancy of mud. Add some liquid to thin it up if it appears to thick, carrot or sweet potato juice works well for this purpose as it is high in vitamin content. You can also use clam juice or water.

- Next: Boil 100-150ml of water and add the same amount of unflavored gelatin. Mix the gelatin and vegetable mixture together pour the resulting mixture into a rectangle pan and allow to cool. You can place the mixture in the freezer but be sure to score the mixture before it is completely hardened, to make it easier to separate later.

- After the mixture is frozen you can separate the pieces and place them in freezer bags for use as needed.