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Hamilton Royal Blue LED Accent Lighting Strips

HamiltonRoyal Blue LED Accent Lighting Strip

Hamilton LED Accent Lighting Strips
Perfect for Nite Vu Blue LED Moonlights

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20 Inch Blue Accent LED Strip (15 LED's) $44.95
32 Inch Blue Accent LED Strip (24 LED's) $54.95
44 Inch Blue Accent LED Strip (33 LED's) $64.95

Excellent addition to your Saltwater, Freshwater or Reef Aquarium

•Add Royal Blue Actinic LED light to your tank for Nit Vue Moonlights
•Add the Royal Blue Actinic LED lighting for daytime and nightime use for coral fluorescence accenting
•Accent lighting in your aquarium can be changed at the push of a button
•The Actual Light Output is also variable from output controller
•Does not promote algae growth
•No heat transfer
•Ultra low electrical consumption
•Includes: Multi Light Remote controller, LED transformer, Multi Light Strip & mounting adhesive tape
•1/4 Watt each LED
•Available in 20 inch (15 LED's), 32 inch (24 LED's), and 44 inch (33 LED's)lengths

Here's a quote from one of our first sales of Hamilton's Royal Blue LED Accent Lighting Strip!
"I am very pleased with the Hamilton LED light strip! As you can see there is an obvious difference when the strip is off compared to on. The camera doesn't show the true colors of the corals well at all! I highly suggest the Hamilton LED strip for accent lighting. I am very pleased!"Nov.24, 2011 HotChicky

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