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Aquarium Metal Halide Lighting
Metal Halide Lighting - Fully Assembled

AquaticLife HID Fixtures

 Aquatic Life HID Aquarium Light with Moonlites
 With AquaticLife HID fixtures you no longer have to bring your corals to the light, you can know bring the light to your corals. The HID light is a metal halide comparable to an HQI but with a G12 style base. This G12 style bulb (common in Europe) allows the lamp to be angled and thus easily direct light where it is needed the most.

 Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Mogul Base
Reflector Lighting System with LED's 175, 250, 400 watt

 Hamilton Bali Sun Mogul Base Metal Halide Reflector
Built with superior craftmanship, a durable black powder coated, and a vented light weight aluminum the Hamilton Bali Sun is a high output reflector for Mogul Base 175W, 250W or 400W Metal Halide bulbs. Includes 6 actinic blue LED moonlights & an LED transformer for timer controled nocturnal viewing. Available as a complete system with bulb and ballast or Reflector and LED moonlight system alone.

  Hamilton Belize Sun Metal Halide and H.O. T5 Lights with moonlites
 Hamilton Belize Metal Halide and T5 HO Aquarium Light with Moonlites Built one at a time in the USA with a compact european design and a powder coated black finish, Hamilton's Belize Sun Metal Halide includes HQI Metal Halides, High Output T5 lights and LED Moonlights for nocturnal viewing. The Belize is the perfect lighting unit for reef aquariums where the aquarist wants more than just metal halides.

 Hamilton Cayman Sun Double Ended HQI
Reflector Lighting System with LED's 150, 250, 400 watt

 Hamilton Cayman HQI Reflector Lighting System
Hamilton brags the Cayman is 2 times brighter than Reefstar. Units feature a specially designed high light output reflectors, Hamilton HQI ballast, 6 actinic blue LED lights & LED transformer for timer controled nocturnal viewing , steel cable suspension kit and tempered glass lens. Available for 150 , 250 or 400 watt output. Available as a complete system with bulb and ballast or Reflector and LED moonlight system alone.

  Hamilton Reefstar Low Profile Double Ended HQI Lighting System

 Hamilton Reefstar Double Ended 150, 250, or 400 watt HQI Low Profile Reflector System
Operates HQI double ended metal halide bulbs, the low profile, light weight hood is ideal for small spaces. Unit comes complete with a highly reflective hammertone reflector (20% more light output), double ended HQI bulb (150,250,400 watt), tempered glass lens and remote HQI ballast with quick disconnect. Great choice for reef tanks.

 Hamilton Bimini Tank Mount HQI Light System

 Hamilton Bimini Aquarium Light
Why limit what you can keep in your Nano or smaller reef aquarium system? Bimini HQI metal halide systems are perfect for smaller tanks with both soft and hard corals. Bimini mounts to the side of an aquarium or can be suspended above the tank. Availabe in 100, 150 watt and 250 watt double ended HQI .

 JBJ K-2 Viper Deluxe HQI Light System

 JBJ K2 Viper Light System with Moonlights
JBJ introduces the next generation in HQI Clamp on Lamp fixtures. The K-2 Viper Deluxe incorporates a large reflector which houses an intense 150 watt or 250 watt metal halide light for daytime viewing, along with (2) integrated Nite Vu LED moonlights for after hours illumination. All models are equipped with a directional fan motor to cool off the light fixture as well as the surface of the water with a convenient 2 speed fan control located at the remote ballast.

Metal Halide aquarium lights are the brightest form of aquarium lighting. If you are planning on keeping healthy clams, stoney corals called acropora or millepora it is nescessary to have the brightest most intense of aquarium lighting and metal halide aquarium lighting is the answer. The need for light intensity provided by metal halides becomes important as tanks become deeper. Generally, metal halides are practical for lighting reef tanks that are 16 or more inches deep and becomes a necessity for tanks deeper than 18 inches. Even shallow tanks with the more demanding corals, such as stoney's should go the way of metal halide lighting. There are two types of metal halide aquarium light bulbs: the first is the first called single ended or single based (commonly referred to in the industry as mogul based). The second metal halide light bulb type which has become very popular are called double ended (commonly referred to in the industry as HQI bulbs).

Metal halide lighting needs to be changed anywhere from every 9 to 12 months. For metal halide lighting to be effective it is required to have one bulb per two foot of aquairum. The wattage you will use totally depends on the depth of the aquarium. The intensity of light decreases by the square of the distance that area is from the lighting source. In other words, if you double the distance between the light and the organism, you will quarter the amount of light reaching the organism. As a general rule, 175 watt metal halide bulbs are the best choice for aquariums that are less than 20 inches in depth. Tanks that go from over 20 inches to up to 28 inches in depth, we recommend a 250 watt bulb be used. Aquariums any deeper than the 28 inches call for a 400 watt light bulb.

Many people find metal halide aquarium lighting more attractive than fluorescent lighting types such as VHO or power compacts. Why is metal halide more attractive? In natural reef environments surface waves act as a lens that focuses light and create "glitter lines." These glitter lines, familiar to divers, appear as flashes of light of high intensity and short duration and are very attractive to the eye. In reef aquariums these glitter lines, or flashes, can be created through the use of point source lights, such as metal halide lights, and surface agitation of the water. Fluorescent lighting is more diffuse and does not create these effects. Whether this flashing light is advantageous to the corals is not known. 

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