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Marshall Island Live Rock


The Marshall Islands first emerged 70 million years ago when volcanic cores erupted at presently extinct hotspots south of the equator. Around 40 million years ago, while the Pacific plate continued to move in a northwesterly direction, the volcanoes began to subside. The islands were initially high, volcanic islands, but over the course of the ensuing 40 million years, they slowly sank back into the ocean from which they came, propelled by their own weight. Microscopic organisms called polyps, which thrive in warm waters with high salinity, salvaged the remaining rim of what was once a volcano. With the aid of botanical seeds transported by birds and ocean currents, small islets capable of sustaining life had taken form 3000 years ago. These islets formed circular rings encircling sheltered lagoons, namely the beautiful atolls seen today in the Marshall Islands. It is in this geographic region, the Marshall Islands, where the finest live rock in the world originates. With its ancient stony coral structure and outstanding color, Marshall rock is preferred by many aquarists. Having more than dense bricks to work with, the shape of the rocks allows the aquarist to aquascape a dramatic display.
Marshall rock is less dense than other Pacific rock and makes an outstanding filter. Given the porous nature of Marshall rock, fewer pounds are needed to aquascape any given area.

When rocking your reef tank, it is acceptable to combine a few different islands rock. You may also alter the sizes and shape of your live rock with a hammer and chisel. This will not damage the integrity of the rock, nor it's inhabitants. Please be careful to wear eye protection if you are chiseling live rock.

You pay only for the weight of the live rock, not the weight of the packaging. Unlike some other online dealers, Aquatic Connection Live does not count the box and all packaging materials as part of the live rock weight ordered. All orders are handpicked , then hand packaged, first wrapped in plastic and paper for cushioning, then we pack all orders in a styrofoam container and styro foamies for extra cushioning.

Live Rock is easy to maintain in either a reef or fish only aquarium, and makes an excellent addition for both the beginner or experienced aquarist. Fiji rock requires moderate lighting and moderate water movement, along with the addition of calcium, strontium, iodine, and trace elements.

Important: Adding Live Rock to a tank who already has fish or coral in it ? Although our live rock has been treated ,cleaned, and pre-cured, it is imperative to do a final cure of any live rock
from any supplier, upon receipt, before it is placed in the display aquarium that contains fish, coral, or inverts.

All Live Rock Guaranteed to be handpicked and packaged!!

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You choose what size live rock we ship you
Pre Cured in our own tanks, hand picked and packaged.

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