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 Recommended by Experienced Reef Aquarists: The Best Reef Tank Lighting System for Smaller Tanks and Nano's
Hamilton Bimini Adjustable Hanging or Swivel Tank Mount Small Reef Tank / Nano Light System

Why limit what you can keep in your Reef Tank? Hamilton's Bimini Lighting System is perfect for small reef tanks (to 55 gallons) and nano tanks for SPS, LPS, Soft Coral and Mixed Coral reef systems. If you are interested in seeing your corals actually grow, not just maintain color, the consensus of experienced reef tank aquarists and on the reef tank forums show the Hamilton Bimini HQI Lighting System to be #1. Proper lighting and good water quality is what's needed for a 1st class reef tank. Hamilton's Bimini Lighting System has shown to be the best choice for smaller tanks (up to 55 gallons) and nano tanks. Use for SPS, LPS, Soft Coral and Mixed Coral tanks, Hamilton's Bimini Lighting System produces the best combination of color and growth of any lighting system designed for smaller reef tanks no mater the cost. .

Hamilton Bimini Adjustable Mount HQI Reef Lighting System
•Your choice of 100,150 or 250 watts
•Every system made in the USA by Hamilton's Superior craftsman.
•Compact European Design, Super low profile light weight vented system.
•Extruded aluminum, rust-proof, black powder coated housing.
•Tempered glass 'splash guard safety shield' protects HQI bulb from damage.
•German hammertone, corrosion proof mirror finish reflectors, intensifies the actual Lumen output & reduces 'hot spots'
•Custom "Light Visors" were designed to direct the light only where you want it - prevents side light loss
•Hanging Mount Kit with an adjustable cable system is included for popular European Reef Tank appearance (see pictures).
•Adjustable swivel tank mount brackets included for mounting direct mounting to the reef tank (see pictures).
•Warranteed to the original purchaser for one year from the date of purchase.
Shell Dimensions: 10.5"L x 11.5"W x 2.5"H


Complete Hamilton Bimini Adjustable Reef Tank Lighting System

100 watt 10k - $229.98 Elsewhere: $258.99
150 watt 10k - $259.98 Elsewhere: $318.99
150 watt 14k - $259.98 Elsewhere: $318.99
250 watt 10k - $319.98 Elsewhere: $368.99
250 watt 14k - $319.98 Elsewhere: $368.99
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