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What You Need to Know about Power Compact Lighting 

A power compact aquarium light is a type of fluorescent fixture that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. Compact fluorescent (aka power compact) aquarium lighting utilizes fluorescent bulbs that are bent in half. These VHO lamps deliver a higher concentration of light energy in a smaller space than straight tubes do, although the light concentration is less than with metal halides. They are also different from regular fluorescent tubes in that the four pins are at one end while other fluorescent lights have two pins on each end. Power compact aquarium lighting is widely used among hobbyists because it is a low cost, low energy solution. The acronym PC is commonly used when referring to power compact lights or bulbs (“PC bulbs,” for instance). Power compacts are dimmable and available in a wide variety of colors. They may be used by themselves or in conjunction with metal halide lighting. Power compact light bulbs should be replaced every 9-12 months. Power compact aquarium lights are great for fish-only systems and reef tanks with corals that require low-to-moderate lighting.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp Color Temperature
Reef tanks require half the lighting to be actinic lighting and half the lighting to be full spectrum daylight lighting. For the actinics any bulb listed as an actinic--whether it is a True Actinic, 7,100K Actinic, Actinic or 420nm Actinic--will be adequate. For the daylight bulb the best bulb for corals is the 10K (aka 10,000K) bulb. 6,700K, 8,800K, 12,000K, 14,000K & 20,000K bulbs are also fine. In many situations, because you will only have one row of bulbs, you will to need a 50/50 bulb in order to be able to spread the actinic and full spectrum daylight lighting evenly. The 50/50 bulb has one half of a single power compact bulb actinic and the other side full spectrum daylight. The Current USA 50/50 bulb is called the SmartPaq.

Freshwater planted tanks usually use the 6,700K, 6,500K or 5,500K bulbs. Fish only tanks can use any light that makes the fish look good. The fish really don't need much light to survive--so it is really a matter of aesthetics. Most people will be happy using 6,700K bulbs, which are very close to daylight, for fish only tanks.

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