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 Stark LED Blunova Lighting System

Stark Blunova LED Aquarium Lighting

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Stark Blunova Sunrise effect ~ Nightime Thunderstorm effect ~ Daytime Thunderstorm effect

 The Stark LED Blunova LED is one of the true leaders of LED technology, providing one of the most advanced and efficient LED lights available. A feature packed little monster, the StarkLED blunova has a modular design that allows the state-of-the-art light engine to bring versatility and precision to aquarium systems.  It comes packed with features such as wireless controls, a compact package and CREE diodes throughout.

The 10 x 6 x 2 fixture packs in an array of three CREE XM-L Cool White, six XP-E Blue and six Royal Blue LEDs that all run at five watts and can be controlled via 2.4 ghz wireless communications. 90 degree optics are used for optimum punch and spread. Sunrise, sunset and moonlight are simulated through either the switching on the front of the Blunova fixture or by the control package that should be released soon.

The Blunova’s sunrise and sunset modes actually travel across the fixture rather than just fading all at once. This leaves a lot of room to speculate further on what this fixture may be capable of. With the pucks being wired individually, it certainly is able to mimic clouds or even more realistic lightning than most of the competition.


Powerful & Efficient
15 High Power CREE XM-L, XP-E LEDs

The CREE XM-L, XP-E LEDs on the new StarkLED blunova makes your tanks crisper blue and your corals more vivid. StarkLED blunova has 3 LED modules and total 3 CREE XM-L Cool White and 12 XP-E Blue and Royal Blue LEDs. XM-L from CREE is capable of efficacy of 160 lumens per watt.

The Blunova's LED module's are attached to quintuple lenses. The quintuple lenses were engineered to last for a lifetime, provide maximum light output and give a viewing angle of 90 degrees. The 90 degree angle was found to provide the best coverage area without losing the power.

Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Lighting


Fully Controllable
Lets You Control Each LED

The StarkLED blunova features a integrated controller with the functionalities that are fully upgradable as new features are released. One can upgrade to the latest firmware with your PC through a USB Port. Through the push of a few button's, it is simple to to adjust the brightness of each LED and to perform the orbiting moonlight, (a moving moonlight simulates the natural movement of the moon through the night), sunrise, sunset and thunderstorm effects. The Integrated Controller allows the user to adjust the brightness of each LED in each LED module and store the customized brightness levels into one of three memory slots.

Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Lighting


Small Footprint, Big Coverage
9.8" x 6.0" x 2.0" covers up-to 30" x 30"

StarkLED blunova has a size of 9.8" x 6.0" x 2.0". Because of its powerful LED modules and high quality quintuple lenses, it can cover an area up to 30” x 30” while provides high par value at 25" deep.  

Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Lighting


Wireless Ready
Lets You Control Your Light Wirelessly

Blunova comes with built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, compatible with StarkLED Wireless Controller. (Controller not out yet but coming soon). StarkLED Wireless Controller allows you to control up 30 StarkLED wireless ready lights and program complex functions including schedules, brightness levels, sunrise/sunset and thunderstorm effects in real-time. 

Marineland Double Bright LED Aquarium Lighting

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