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   Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 HO Lighting

 Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 HO Lighting

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 Coralife T5 Lunar Aqualight Fixtures with Rotatable Lunar LEDs



  420nm Actinic Blue 

 10,000K Daylight

  Total Wattage

(heigth x width x length)


 24 inch

 48 watt

 48 watt

96 watt 

 2.75"X 7.75"X 24"


 30 inch 

 62 watt

 62 watt

 124 watt

  2.75"X 7.75"X 30"


 36 inch 

78 watt

 78 watt

 156 watt

  2.75"X 7.75"X 36"


 48 inch 

 108 watt

108 watt

216 watt

  2.75"X 7.75"X 48"

  The Coralife T5 Lunar Aqualight Fixtures with Rotatable Lunar LEDs combine two 10,000K daylight and two Actinic High Output T5 lamps with directional moonlight LEDs making this the perfect light for saltwater and reef aquariums.

•4 T5 High Output Lamps included- two each 10,000K and Actinic
•Adjustable directional Moonlight LEDs
for aquarium accent lighting
Employs the latest energy-efficient 24 hour aquarium illumination technology
Highly-polished reflectors direct the lighting into the aquarium
•Acrylic Lens - Built in splash guard helps protect bulbs and electronics from water damage (a glass lid is still recommended!)
•Separate power cords for individual control of daylight, actinic and moon lights
•Quick disconnect ballasts and cooling fans
•Adjustable mounting brackets included
•Powder-coated aluminum housing and acrylic splash guard.

Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture puts you in control of the latest energy-efficient technology to satisfy the unique lighting needs of your marine aquarium.
High output T-5 fluorescent lamps, driven by an electronic ballast, deliver brilliant illumination while generating less heat and consuming less power than high intensity aquarium light fixtures. Three separate power cords allow independent timer control of included 10,000K, Actinic and LED lamps for custom 24-hour lighting. Aqualight HO T-5 Aquarium Light Fixture optimizes performance with its highly-polished reflector to direct light into the aquarium for the most benefit with minimal wasted light. Two built-in cooling fans provide powerful heat management. Directional Lunar Blue LEDs can be adjusted to provide moon glow accent lighting throughout your aquarium. Sleek, space-saving fixture boasts powder-coated aluminum housing. Aqualight fixture comes with a two-piece adjustable leg set and measures 6" x 2-1/4" high.  

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