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Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5 HO Lighting 

 Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5 HO Lighting
Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5 HO Lighting

Deep Blue Solar Extreme T5 H.O. Quad Light System

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Deep Blue Solar Xtreme Light Systems includes: (2) 10K Daylight Lamps, (2) Actinic-03 Lamps, LED's, Integrated Digital Timer, Mounting Legs & Hanging Kit, GFCI Grounded Cord & User Guide


 Actinic Blue

 10,000K Daylight


(L x W x H)


 24 inch 

  2x24 watt

 2x24 watt

 4 LED's 

24.01 x 10.2 x 2.75

sugg retail $219.99

 36 inch 

 2x39 watt

 2x39 watt

 6 LED's 

 36.01 x 10.2 x 2.75

sugg retail $259.99

 48 inch 

 2x54 watt

 2x54 watt

 8 LED's

47.63 x 10.2 x 2.75

sugg retail $299.99

EXTREME CONTROL - Integrated digital timer allows users to program individual channels for full cycled use. Large led control display is easy to read, program & activate lamp channels.

EXTREME DESIGN - Crafted from pure aluminum for xtreme thermal conductivity & heat dissipation. An ultra efficient blower draws cool air through system expelling heat via special cooling vents on each end. Added cooling keeps system operating temps minimal & prevents heat transfer down into aquaria. Sleek & low profile design with special black electro-coat finish to protect surface against contaminates ensuring easy cleanup.

EXTREME FLEXIBILITY - *ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING LEGS (included) - Offers secure installation over an aquarium while retaining use & access of glass canopies.

ADJUSTABLE SUSPENSION KIT (included) - Ceiling & canopy installation through the use of suspending tabs. Completely adjustable tabs also fold down when not in use concealing them from view.

EXTREME PROTECTION - Internal protection circuitry monitors electrical system status disabling unit in the event of a fault. Features include self-check on startup, lamp fault detection, thermal load & open circuit protection.

EXTREME POWER - At the heart of the system is an industrial grade electronic ballast offering high efficiency & cool running operation. High quality capacitors & VRMs maintain optimal & stable power across each lamp channel ensuring safe reliable operation.

EXTREME ILLUMINATION - Strategically positioned moonlight leds specially tuned & integrated directly into reflector simulating natural night illumination for full day/night cycle. The reflector adopts a high polished light amplifying parabolic design increasing lumen output, depth penetration, & coverage.

EXTREME ACCESS - Compression fit glass lens assembly protects internal compartment against moisture & debris while preventing operating heat from traveling down into aquaria. Hinged glass lens allows easy access for quick lamp changes. Features tempered glass for strength & safety.


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