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 Hamilton Technology Aruba Sun High Output T5 Retrofit Kit with Moonlight LED's

Hamilton Aruba Sun Flat Version, HO T5 Retrofit Lighting System 

 Available Flat Vershion.

Hamilton Aruba Sun HO For T5 Tight Space V version Retrofit Lighting System
Available for tight space V vershion for taking up less space!
Aruba Sun V High Output T5 & LED Retrofit Kit

Fully assembled & ready to operate. Low profile - only 5" tall. Includes wrap around individual T5 bulb reflectors that can rotate 360 degrees to allow you to direct the light to any part of the tank. Includes Hamilton High Output T5 bulbs(1 Daylight, 1 Actinic), enclosed High Output T5 electronic ballast, moisture proof T5 HO endcaps and an 11 Ft grounded power cord. Easy to install into existing canopy. 5" Wide x 5" Tall.

•Low profile T5 High Output (HO) Fluorescent Retrofit Kit
•Durable German mirror finish, corrosion resistant, anodized aluminum reflectors rotate 180 degrees and wrap-around T5 tubes boosting light output, directing light toward your aquarium
•Enclosed high performance, cool operating, efficient T5 electronic ballast improve light output and intensity
•Wrap around, individual bulb, parabolic T5 reflectors that will increase light output approximately 300% versus bulb alone
•Moonlight Blue LED lights on a separate power cord independent from the T5 bulbs provide nocturnal viewing
•Moisture-proof lamp holders
•11 foot grounded power cord allows for automation of lighting cycles when using timers
•Achieves your desired lighting effects by combining Super Daylight 10,000k and Actinic Royal Blue 460nm
•Quick and easy to install into an existing canopy
•Fully assembled & ready to operate
•5" wide x 5" tall






 24 inch

 2x24 watt HO T5 Low Profile with LED's



 36 inch

  2x39 watt HO T5 Low Profile with LED's



 48 inch

 2x54 watt HO T5 Low Profile with LED's



 60 inch

  2x80 watt HO T5 Low Profile with LED's



 Aruba Flat (spread out slightly)
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Aruba V (takes up less space)
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Youtube Information and Installation Video on Hamilton Technology Aruba Sun T5 Retro Kit

Manufacturer Info:
Hamilton Technology Aquarium Supplies
Hamilton Technology is the leading manufacturer of high quality aquarium lighting offering customers the widest selection of metal halide, compact fluorescent and VHO lighting available today. Their mission is to offer state-of-the-art lighting that meets high standards of quality, innovation and value. Hamilton Technology has served the lighting needs of both the professional and the hobbyist aquarist for more than sixteen years and is considered by many to be the choice of experts. 

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