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TFT 150 watt LED Aquarium Lighting

TFT 150 watt CREE LED Aquarium Light
150 watt LED Lighting System features 55 energy efficient
ASI LED's, Improved Growth, Deep 18" to 24" Focus.

TFT 150 watt CREE LED Aquarium Light
Super Wide coverage area, Low Heat Output, and energy efficiency.


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This is the brand new TFT 150 watt LED Aquarium lighting system.
It is made of 55 pcs of 3 Watt ASI LED's running at roughly 80%. With the hanging kit, you can simply hang it above the aquarium and plug in both electrical cords and switch on the light. It has two power switches, one is for the 10,000K white light, another for the 450-475nm blue light. Seperate power cords for blue and white allow timers to be used for special timing effects. The powerful ASI LED's with engineered 120 degree viewing angle provide for the widest spread possible, focusing the light 18" to 24" deep.

TFT Aquarium LED lighting was developed to meet the stringent requirements of coral growing, like SPS and LPS in reef tanks. The ASI 10000K bright white and ASI 460nm blue out and out perform better than Metal Halide lighting or comparable wattage T5 lighting with the excellent advantage of not heating up the water. Aquarist all over the world have found that LED's are more efficient than Metal Halides or any other lighting source and produce higher PAR readings with absolutely no UV radiation to harm delicate corals, while bringing out the most amazing colors in fish, invertebrates, and live corals. 

Coral Reef magazine had an extensive article and a great explanations on "LED Aquarium Lighting versus other Aquarium Lighting". Their one statement that explained it best: "Light is measured in Lux and a photon of light from a LED Chip is the same as a photon of light from Metal Halide or T5 lighting...With LED lighting there is just many more photons per watt of lighting." Therefore 60 watts of LED lighting is equivalent to 150 watts Metal Halide or T5 Lighting. 
   So How do Corals and Clams grow under LED LIghting?
Corals and Clams, simply grow well under the correct power level LED lighting, and the corals, the fish, and the shimmer of the water makes the aquarium look incredible.

Special Note: Since LED lighting is much stronger than MH or T5 lighting. Unfortunately many hobbysits do not take the time to slowly acclimate their corals to the more powerful LED Lighting and blast their tank with too many hours of LED lighting right from the start! So just remember, just like anything else with corals, slow acclimation is crucial for the corals to do well. We suggest using a light timer on the LED light system and start with 1 hour per day. Then you will add 1 hour to the amount of LED lighting every 3 days, so you will be up to a full 10 hours of LED lighting in just 30 days. This way your beautiful tank will adjust correctly and thrive with the smart switch to LED aquarium lighting.

Dimensions: 18.2”L x 8” W x 1.4“ H
TFT 150 watt LED is equivalent to over 300 watts of metal halide or T5 lighting.
Easy on/off Switches for both the white and blue.
Corrosion-proof finish on the LED lighting case
2 enclosed fans dissipate any heat, 2 detachable power cords.
Well designed LED light hanging kit included.

TFT 150 watt CREE LED Aquarium Light
150 watt LED Lighting System features 55 energy efficient
ASI LED's, Improved Growth, Deep 18" to 24" Focus.
Use (1) 150 watt system per 24 inches of aquarium for maximum power.

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