B-Ionic Calcium Buffer System

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is the original, unique, easy to use, two-component liquid supplement system, which does not contain any organic compounds. It solves many of the problems associated with other forms of calcium and alkalinity supplementation. This product was developed as a result of our new approach to aquarium additive formulation, "Balanced Ion Technology".

The following chart illustrates the many advantages of B-Ionic Calcium Buffer over other forms of calcium and alkalinity supplements:

Results B-Ionic 
Calcium Buffer
Kalkwasser Calcium Chloride 
and Buffer Additions

Disrupts ionic balance

No No Yes

Helps restore ionic balance

Yes No No

Highly concentrated

Yes* No Yes

Pre-mixing with water required

No Yes Yes

Dosing equipment required

No Yes No
* 40 times more calcium than saturated kalkwasser solution. 

 B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is sold as a unit, which consists of 2 bottles (component 1 and component 2), plus a measuring beaker. When used as the sole source of calcium and alkalinity, we recommend daily additions of 1 ml. of component 1 and 1 ml. of component 2 per 2 gallons of aquarium water. As a calcium and alkalinity booster for aquaria using kalkwasser, we recommend half that dose. Since each aquarium has its own unique dynamics associated with calcium and alkalinity depletion, these dosages can vary as dictated by calcium and alkalinity test results. In general, we recommend maintaining 3.0 - 3.75 meg/L alkalinity and 400 - 450 ppm calcium ion concentration. Since B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is in liquid form, additions to the aquarium are quick and simple (no mixing or measuring of powder involved). The time required is usually less than the time it takes to feed your fish.

B-Ionic Calcium Buffer is ideal for those aquarists who do not want to deal with kalkwasser dosing systems, or kalkwasser users who would like to boost their alkalinity and calcium levels either due to insufficient evaporation or high biological demand form calcium carbonate.