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ALGAE A Problem Solver Guide
by Julian Sprung
In this book, Julian Sprung focuses on the varieties of algae that can commonly become problematic in marine aquariums. Included are details on how to control and eliminate problem algae such as slime algae, hair algae, diatoms, and dinoflagellates through the modification of husbandry practices and the use of specific herbivores. Algae contains over 180 photographs, including photos taken under the microscope, to aid in the identification of various algae.


Corals Of The World Three Volume Set. 
By J.E.N Veron

One of the most comprehensive, authorative and spectacular productions ever given to a group of marine organisms.
Dr. Veron's award winning 'classic' Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific first published in 1986 is completely eclipsed by corals of the world.

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Corals: A Quick Reference Guide by Julian Sprung $34.99
Details hundreds of species with full-color photographs. Defines corals and distinguishes them through photos. Provides quick reference charts concerning each coral's light, water, movement, and food requirements. Proper positioning in the aquarium is also discussed.

Invertebrates A Quick Reference Guide  by Julian Sprung
Defines the invertebrate groups and gives information about their natural history, structure, and features to distinguish between like species. Includes many informative charts and diagrams.

Designed as a simple-to-read book, Invertebrates describes pictured invertebrates as toxic, destructive, or suitable for captive living.

The Reef Aquarium, Vol 1
J. Charles Delbeek & Julian Sprung
A comprehensive guide to the identification and care of tropical marine invertebrates. This book assists the hobbyist and professional aquarist in understanding aquarium systems. Emphasizes the biology and identification of reef animals and plants, and gives common trade names familiar to dealers, hobbyists, and importers.
Chapters Cover: Reefs in nature, Nutrients in natural coral reefs, Biology of stony corals, clams, Techniques to maintain corals and clams, & Aquarium lighting.

The Reef Aquarium, Vol 2
J. Charles Delbeek & Julian Sprung $69.99
Keeping host sea anemones--one of the most difficult sea animals to keep--just got easier with the aid of this book. Understanding how to duplicate the type of environments anemones live in is key to keeping captive anemones. In this volume of the Reef Aquarium series, the authors provide easy to use chapters for identifying the complicated coral taxonomy. Discussions on husbandry of marine life include when the best time is and all necessary tools for continued success. Incredibly thorough!

Marine Fishes
by Scott Michael
500 + Aquarium Species


Aquarium Corals
by Eric H. Borneman
Selecting among a bewildering array of soft and stony corals is the primary focus of master aquarist Eric Borneman’s text. This book gives both novice and expert coral keepers clear and vital information on coral selection, biology, natural history, and care requirements.

Clownfishes A Guide to Their Captive Care, Breeding & Natural History
by Joyce D. Wilkerson
Written by one of the pioneers in the captive breeding of clownfishes in home aquariums, this book includes: Clownfishes in the wild Anemone ecology & preservation, Clownfish & anemone species identification guides, selecting breeding stock, orchestrating the spawn, successful hatching techniques, culturing your own microalgae, rotifers & brine shrimp, & propagation as a cottage industry.of

The New Marine Aquarium
Step-by-step setup & stocking guide
by Michael S. Paletta

A wonderful handbook for beginning aquarists or anyone who needs assistance with saltwater tanks. Expert aquarist Michael Paletta offers up to date guidance on equipping and stocking an aquarium that will provide years of enjoyment. He discusses many setup mistakes and low-maintenance filtration systems using live rock. Illustrated step-by-step aquascape techniques and a photographic guide to the hardiest fish for keeping.

Giant Clams A comprehensive guide to the identification and care of Tridacnid clams by Daniel Knop $59.99
An exhaustive introduction to the maintenance and care of molluscus in an aquarium. Information on the breeding of Giant Clams is also offered and described in immaculate detail. This is one of the first reference books presented about clams. The illustrations are informative while the photographs boldly depict clams in bright color and black/white.E!!!

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 1 Svein A. Fossa and Alf Jacob Nilsen $69.99
Provides a fascinating look at the natural history of coral reefs that form the foundation for understanding reef ecology and its practical application in closed system aquaria. Beginners and experienced hobbyists will appreciate the wealth of information and beautiful illustrations. Special emphasis on reef construction, marine algae, and microbiology affords an invaluable tool for designing an ecologically responsible system.!!!

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 2 Svein A. Fossa and Alf Jacob Nilsen $69.99
This volume deals exclusively with the phylum Cnidaria, the group of animals that contains corals, anemones and jellyfish. The book discusses all three classes in the phylum--the Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa, and Anthozoa--in detail. The authors also include chapters on evolution and reproduction biology of the cnidarians. You will find an extensive list of references, and a wealth of information never before grouped together in a popular book dealing with the cnidarians. The text is focused both on the biology of the group, and on how to keep cnidarians successfully in the aquaria. The book contains more than 800 high quality photographs showing different groups of animals in their natural habitat and illustrating details of their biology, as well as their growth and survival in "the modern coral reef aquarium." Up-to-date and with a wealth of information from several scientists, volume 2 will make an excellent addition to your library.

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 3 Svein A. Fossa and Alf Jacob Nilsen $69.99
In the third volume the authors present 43 selected international contemporary coral reef aquaria. The book also covers the evolutionary perspective of the animals we keep, microscopic single-celled animals that are important for the biological balance of any aquarium, sponges, small invertebrate phyla--such as the sea spiders and the water bears, "Marine Worms," and Crustaceans. You will find new information on the most common species seen in the trade as well as presentations of more uncommon, but nevertheless highly interesting species for the reef enthusiasts.

The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium, Volume 4 Svein A. Fossa and Alf Jacob Nilsen $69.99
This fourth volume of the encyclopedia of Modern Coral Ref Aquarium covers important invertebrate groups: Molluscs and Echinoderms. Molluscs such as snails, slugs, and bivalves, and Echinoderms or spiny skinned animals are discussed in detail. Like in previous volumes of this book series, more obscure and rare members of each phylum are covered to the extent which can be of value to the marine aquarist.

Reef Fishes Volume I 
by Scott Michael
Hard cover
Designed to be a lifelong reference for marine aquarists. Reef Fishes provides an introduction to coral reef habitats and fish families.

Reef Invertebrates
by Anthony Calfo and Robert Fenner
Soft Cover

A healthy reef aquarium hosts much more than just corals and fish. This book explores the broad variety of invertebrate organisms that reef aquarists often keep. The frequently encountered incidental acquisitions, "hitch hikers" on live rock, corals and from live sand . Reserving coverage of corals and anemones for a separate volume, this book includes:

Crustaceans: crabs, shrimps, lobsters, zooplankton
Giant Clams: Tridacna and Hippopus
Other Mollusks: oysters, scallops, snails, nudibranchs
Echinoderms: starfish, sand dollars, urchins, cucumbers
Worms: featherdusters, fanworms, bristleworms, etc.
Sponges, sea squirts and tunicates

Algae, refugiums, live rock and sand
Complete coverage of individual selection, system planning and long term care of these organisms is combined with information and practical advice. Each section is packed with helpful tips for the successful keeping of inverts appropriate for marine aquaria. 400 pages.
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. Two volume set  $89.99
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ater fish. $48.99
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