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The greatest single discovery since fishkeeping began  

 Boyd's Chemi Pure



Longer Life - Fish often live three to four times longer than in any other closed system, fresh or marine.
Necessary Organisms - Allowed growth with no danger of pollution.
Removes Offensive Odors
Real Sea Water or Artificial Sea Water
Removes Toxic Elements
- Including Copper & Phenol
No water changes Nescessary - for at least 5 years (length of test only) .
Crystal Clear Water - Always sparkling blue-white water
No Cleaning - Necessary for health of fish.
Constant PH - Always within the safe range
No Osmotic Shock - 90% eliminated
Economical - Replacement only every four to six months makes initial cost very low - eliminates expensive water changes - fewer losses.

When fresh water or marine fish and invertebrates are taken from their natural habitat and maintained in a captive condition in an artificial closed system, water quality becomes the most critical factor affecting their health, longevity, and survival. With the addition of Chemipure many of our customers enjoy fewer necessary water changes. It's ability to sustain and stabilize higher water quality over longer periods makes it quite popular win both fish only and reef tanks. CHEMI-PURE removes the ammonia and other nitrogenous waste products so harmful to both marine and fresh water fish. Another words Chemi-pure brings the natural sea into your home. Marine fish - Soft corals - Crustose Coralline Algaes - Caulerpas - Gorgonias - Seafans - other invertebrates and fish of all species thrive and grow luxuriously with no water change necessary using real sea water or the better imported mixes. Not just a company a claim, but a fact, experienced by thousands of Chemi-pure users. In fact, salt water fish have spawned repeatedly in 5 year old water. Chemipure does not remove trace elements and is the only filter medium which aids in the natural balance of positive and negative charges, with an emphasis on the beneficial negative ion. Chemipure comes packaged in pure polyester filter bags in sealed plastic bottles, called 1 unit, one of which is recommended for up to 40 gallons of water, and which is completely active for 4-6 months with no 'regeneration' or cleaning required and is cheaper than carbon or pads. 

Boyds Chemi-Pure - A favorite world wide!
*Multi-purpose chemical filter media removes dissolved organics and more
* Enjoy sparkling water and maintain a perfect pH in any aquarium
* Long-lasting chemical filter media reduces aquarium maintenance

Boyd's Chemi-Pure is unlike any mechanical or chemical filtration material you have used before. Whether you are a fresh water or salt water enthusiast, it is something you will have to use, see, and test for yourself in order to believe the results. Chemi-Pure comes already packed in pure polyester filter bags in sealed plastic bottles which are termed one unit each also available in ½ units of 5oz. One unit (10oz) is recommended for up to 40 gallons of water and which remains completely active for 4 to 6 months with no regeneration or cleaning required. We recommend that, in cases of heavy bio-load, that each unit of Chemi-Pure be replaced within 3 to 4 month period. Each bag of Chemi-Pure is simply removed from the plastic bottle and installed directly in your filter. It is pre-moistened and should be rinsed prior to use.
The activated carbons used in Chemi-Pure are the finest most powerful, and longest lasting that money can buy, designed specifically to absorb and absorb any contaminants in solution up to an unbelievable 50% of their total weight.

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Combine Chemi Pure Power with Removing Phosphates
Get all the great benefits of Chemi-pure and also remove phosphates and silicates from your tank with Chemi-pure Elite. Ferric Iron Oxide has been added to the original Chemi-pure formula. Ferric Iron Oxide has been proven to be a top choice for removing and controlling phosphate and silicate problems.This easy to use product will allow you to enjoy a more maintenance free aquarium as it helps control any nuisance algae and keeps your aquarium crystal clear.

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