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Boyd's Vita-chem Marine

The vitamin supplement that Brings the coral reef to your fish!

Why Vita Chem?

- Vita-Chem supplies the vitamins your fish need for optimum health!
- Vita-chem is not just a vitamin solution, it is the only solution that contains what fish receive in their natural environment, and which is lost in captivity.
- It's great for fin regeneration and preventing lateral line disease and contains over 30 naturally-occurring extracts, bonded with amino acids.
Vita-chem brings out the natural colors in fish natures way, through better nutrition!
- Vita-chem Marine has 37 added naturally occurring extracts from live organisms bonded with natural occurring amino acids.
-Tested for over 3 years by the most experienced Breeders and Hobbyists, it is a pre-stabilized multi - vitamin, water and tissue soluble – an exclusive revolutionary concept in vitamin supplements for Salt Water Animals and Fish kept in closed systems.
-Vita-chem is bottled in sealed plastic 4oz, 16oz, and gallon bottles for breeders and hatcheries.
-Vita-chem proven results , increased growth, fabulous intense natural colors, natural vitality restored, appetite restoration, rapid fin regeneration, increased resistance to disease, tends to create natural mating & breeding instincts in aquarium environments .

Use 2 drops per gallon once a week and several drops on food five times a week.

 Part #


BYDVC16707-8  Vita chem Marine 4 oz

BYDVC16709-2   Vita chem Marine 16 oz

BYDVC16716-0  Vita chem Marine gallon


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