Aquatic Connection's Incredible Corals

When you buy live corals from Aquatic Connections live coral selection, you can be assured you will buy live aquarium corals that have been pampered and properly cared for.

Like any coral that has been collected and shipped halfway across the globe, ours arrive, understandably, in need of some rejuvenation. Which is why we do our best to downright pamper them during their stay at Aquacon. Their treatment begins with a slow-drip acclimation into large, luxurious holding tanks. There, the wave action caresses them with bursts ranging from a gentle sway to an exhilarating turbulent rush. This loosens the sand and bacteria from their long journey. Their polyps awaken to a fresh beginning.

We're part holding tank, part coral spa! Next, your coral will be bathed under growth-stimulating 1000-watt, 6,700K lighting to bring out extension and wake up the zooxanthellae. Water quality will remind them of home; clean, fresh, and stable with the occasional burst of plantktonic nutrition. Here, your corals will remain, until they're sold and packaged. We send them on their way by packing them with the utmost care, yet most stringent quality. All of this to ensure that each coral sold will reach your hands in the best condition possible. Many, possibly better off than they were days and weeks before. 

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Special Notes: Please note unless stated within the description, the picture(s) of the item(s) for sale are generic pictures of items that we have had in stock at some point. Due to differences in animals the item you receive may not look identical to the picture, however we hand choose each item for health and beauty. Another factor you need to consider is that different aquarium systems have different lighting, the spectrum of light, the wattage and kelvin, and even the type of lighting (ie: PC vs. VHO vs HQI vs Mogul Halide) all will make colors look very different. Aquatic Connection Live tanks are lit by 400 watt 20K HQI Halide bulbs. We use these bulbs because it provides the perfect balance of natural white light along with the deeper actinic blue that corals need to bring out the correct colors and to thrive off of. If your tank consists of all daylight (10K's, 65K's etc.) with minimal actinic lighting, your not going to get as many of the vibrant true colors from your corals as you would with the correct lighting combination. If you need better descriptions of our corals or help with lighting, please feel free to contact us.  

Advanced Aquarist Items - Considered for advanced aquarists only items have more intensive care needs, and/or specialized feeding needs, and/or specialized tank needs. Because of the added care responsiblilities, Aquatic connection Live has labeled these items for advanced aquarists only and while they come with a guarantee that they will be delivered to you alive and in good condition, they do not carry our normal guarantee period. If there is a problem with a restricted specimen on delivery, we must be contacted via email with a digital picture within 2 hours of delivery for a replacement speciment. The Fedex time stamp will be used for the start of your 2 hour window.
Typographical errors - Once in a while, there may be a mistake on an item on website. If found, the products price will be corrected. Any typographical errors are not honored.