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ReefPods™ Tangerine

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ReefPods are the only truly tropical live copepod culture available on the market today.

ReefPods™ Tangerine, “the big ones” – are packed with nutritious lipid reserves and pigments that will enhance health and color of small to medium reef fish and seahorses.

ReefPods™ Tangerine is a live culture of a large unidentified calanoid copepod, most likely in the Family Temoridae. Tangerine adult copepods live in the water column and will eat small suspended detritus particles and microalgae in the aquarium. They produce a large nauplii which is an excellent food for aquarium filter feeders and fish larvae. The adults are eaten by numerous water-column feeding fish such as clowns, dwarf angels, anthias and seahorses, to name just a few.

ReefPods™ Tangerine is excellent for directly feeding to hungry fish and seahorses to observe a feeding frenzy. These copepods are excellent food for filter feeding invertebrates and for juvenile seahorses, and are an excellent replacement for less nutritious brine shrimp.


Tangerine copepods tolerate a wide range of temperatures and salinities but it is recommended that water-parameter acclimation at a rate of 6ppt salinity per day or 5C per day be performed if aquarium salinities or temperatures differ by 10ppt or 10C. It is important to feed Tangerines during the acclimation period. Healthy Tangerines can be added directly to the main aquarium or the fish or invertebrate culture tank if the intent is only to feed the Tangerines as a one-time food.