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Marineland Eclipse 5 Gallon Hex System



  • Distinctive Hex-Surround Design
    Provides a panoramic 360 degrees of prime viewing area.
  • Eclipse Filter Cartridge and BIO-Wheel
    Ensure easy installation, easy operation. Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.
  • Compact 15-watt Illumination
    Incandescent 15-watt lamp. Molded moisture-resistant collar prevents corrosion at the socket.
  • Hinged Hood Panel
    Opens effortlessly for stress-free feeding, maintenance, and media changes.
  • Safe, Silent Epoxy-Sealed Motor
    Silently pumps water through the system and requires no maintenance, no oiling

Perfect for home or office or any location, the silent-operating Eclipse Hex 5 is the only aquarium of its kind with total three-stage filtration - the same high-efficiency filtration employed in our much larger aquatic systems. And the Eclipse Hex 5 has Marineland's patented Bio-Wheel, undisputed leader in biological filtration.

The super-efficient Hex 5 provides the best in mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration...aerating and filtering the water seven times each hour. Water is pumped silently through the Eclipse Rite-Size Cartridge (packed with new faster-acting Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon) and over the BIO-Wheel, where beneficial bacteria work to remove more toxic ammonia and nitrite with every turn.

The hexagonal tank delivers optimum design profile and leak proof durability. All filtration media is inside a top-mounted access hood -- no hoses, no filter boxes, no noisy air pumps. The contoured light hood includes a convenient front access port for easy feeding and plugs into any standard household outlet. And every Hex 5 Kit comes complete with Marineland Labs' BIO-Blend™ Tropical Fish Food, BIO-Safe™ Tap Water Conditioner and BIO-Coat™ Stress Defense…plus, an informative beginners fish keeping guide.


 Don’t forget to purchase additional replacement cartridges!


Eclipse Rite-Size
Filter Cartridges
3 Pack $7.99

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