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Marineland System 3 , System 6 and System 12



Hinged Hood Panel Opens effortlessly for stress-free feeding, maintenance, and media changes.
Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge and BIO-Wheel Ensure easy installation, easy operation. Cartridge comes preassembled and changes in seconds. BIO-Wheel never needs replacing.
Epoxy Sealed Motor Silently pumps water through the system and requires no maintenance.


  Unique combinations of beauty, precision and 3-stage BIO-Wheel filtration efficiency, the Eclipse® Aquarium Systems are fascinating showpieces for home or office or anywhere.

Each system includes color-enhancing fluorescent lighting and a seamless, injection-molded aquarium with 360 degrees of gently curved, panoramic viewing area. Each kit includes Marineland Labs' BIO-Blend™ Tropical Fish Food, BIO-Safe™ Tap Water Conditioner, and BIO-Coat™ Stress Defense. There's an informative beginners fishkeeping guide, too. And the new System Twelve Kit features an added plus...special compact fluorescent lighting that is 15% brighter than conventional tubing, yet consumes less energy.

Eclipse Aquarium Systems easily accommodate accessories such as heaters and airline tubing. There are no hoses, no cumbersome filter boxes, no noisy air pumps. And because the Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge is inside the top mounted frame, rear space requirements are minimal.


 Don’t forget to purchase additional replacement cartridges!


Eclipse Rite-Size
Filter Cartridges
3 pack - $7.99

 Put That Nice Eclipse Tank on a stand!


 Eclipse System 6 or 12
Contemporary Stand

For a completely independent free-standing system, you can purchase the RTA Stand for Eclipse System 12. (pictured above) This stand also accommodates the Eclipse System 6.

This stylish, contemporary stand is uniquely decorative, yet highly functional. The Eclipse System 12 Stand is ready-to-assemble, sets up in minutes and is a welcome addition to any setting – home, office or showroom. Its water-resistant, black, powdercoat finish provides long-lasting visual appeal and the solid construction provides support and stability. While the System 12 Stand is custom-fitted for the Eclipse System 12 Aquarium it works equally well for the System 6. Two-year warranty included. 30-3/8" x 21-1/2" x 12".

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