Saltwater Fish's Incredible Corals
Like any coral that has been collected and shipped halfway across the globe, ours arrive, understandably, in need of some rejuvenation. Which is why we do our best to downright pamper them during their stay at Aquacon. Their treatment begins with a slow-drip acclimation into large, luxurious holding tanks. There, the wave action caresses them with bursts ranging from a gentle sway to an exhilarating turbulent rush. This loosens the sand and bacteria from their long journey. Their polyps awaken to a fresh beginning.

We're part holding tank, part coral spa! Next, your coral will be bathed under growth-stimulating 1000-watt, 6,700K lighting to bring out extension and wake up the zooxanthellae. Water quality will remind them of home; clean, fresh, and stable with the occasional burst of plantktonic nutrition. Here, your corals will remain, until they're sold and packaged. We send them on their way by packing them with the utmost care, yet most stringent quality. All of this to ensure that each coral sold will reach your hands in the best condition possible. Many, possibly better off than they were days and weeks before.