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Aquarium Lighting Systems


What You Need to Know About Aquarium Lighting Systems 

Aquatic Connection Live offers the largest selection and lowest prices on aquarium lighting systems and accessories. Reef Aquarium and Saltwater fish tank lighting is one of the most important choices you will make for your reef aquarium.

At Aquatic Connection Live, we've done the homework for you! We provide the best selection & best prices on top quality aquarium Lighting for your aquarium. There are some low quality brands out there, and you will never see them ever available here. The proper lighting intensity is required for corals and/or invertebrates to survive. Furthermore proper lighting is nescessary for the correct colors to be seen in your specimens. Similar to plants, corals and many invertebrates require light for photosynthesis to generate energy and food. If your corals and invertebrates do not receive enough light for photosynthesis from your aquarium lights, they will not survive.

T-5 HO (high output) fluorescent and PC (Power Compact) fluorescent lighting systems are good for corals that require low to moderate lighting, such as leather corals, mushrooms, polyps, and most LPS corals. For the most part T5 or PC lighting is an excellent choice for the beginner reef tank. When a large number of T5 high output bulbs are used together in a fixture, you now have a system that is excellent for corals that require more moderate to high lighting needs. If your wish is to keep SPS corals, clams and anemones, you will need an aquarium light system that puts out intense lighting for these specimens to do well, your choice should be a Metal Halide Light System. For dawn to dusk effect when using metal halides, or to add more blue coloration to the reef tank with halides, many hobbyists will supplement metal halide lighting with actinic T5, power compact, or LED lighting.

Lunar/moonlights can create a more realistic lighting environment for your tank. These LED fixtures may promote lunar spawning cycles in corals and reef life while giving you the ability to view organisms that are normally active only at night.

For more information on lighting, please visit our Aquatic Education Center article on Aquarium Lighting. 

Aquarium Lighting

T-5 Fluorescent Lighting Free Shipping on Aquarium Lighting
Replacement T-5 bulbs also here       
 Saltwater Aquarium Metal Halide Lighting

Metal Halide Lighting Free Shipping on Aquarium Lighting
Replacement metal halide bulbs also here   
 Saltwater Aquarium Metal Halide Lighting

Power Compact Lighting Free Shipping on Aquarium Lighting
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 Saltwater Aquarium Powercompact Lighting

LED & Moonlight Lighting
 Saltwater Aquarium LED & Moonlight Lighting

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