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Australian Barrier Reef Namoli live Rock

 Aquariums Need Live Rock

Live rock is of absolute paramount importance in either fish only or coral reef eco-systems. In both instances, the saltwater aquariums live rock provides both the beneficial organisms for proper water management and the longevity of delicate live stock species.

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Deep Water Tonga Live Rock

 What is Live Rock

When talking about live rock , it is a wrong to think that the live rock itself is alive. What makes it live are the many forms of micro and macroscopic marine life that live inside of it. The aquarium rock itself is only made up of the calcium carbonate skeletons of long dead corals. The different live names, refer to the island location where it is collected from, and the type of rock. Two popular types of live rock for finishing off a nice reef tank are branch rock and shelf rock. As the names suggest their shapes provide a great look and good holding locations to place corals on.

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Live Rock Cured or Uncured?

Cured live rock applies to the process of cleaning, conditioning , and cycling live rock for use in a saltwater aquarium. Cured means that it is live rock that has already been conditioned and is stable to use right away in a saltwater aquarium with minimal concern under the correct guidelines. When you see saltwater live rock labeled as fresh or uncured live rock this means it is NOT processed and it shouldn't be placed directly into a main aquarium until you cure it.

Tonga Branch Live Rock

Live Rock Differences

Aquatic Connection carries 8 different types of live rock, coming from many locations around the world.
Differences in the live rock's physical make up from area to area, make for different coraline algae colors to become the dominant colors as the live rock matures in your tank. For example, Fiji live rock is predominantly covered with a purple coraline growth once matured, Tonga , and Carribbean live rock is more rainbow colored, and Marshall Island live rock, has more red coraline algae growth than the others.

Actual Live Rock Weight

When you buy live rock from Aquatic Connection, you get the actual live rock weight, measured on a legal for trade scale. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not count the box and all packing materiels in with the live rock weight you ordered.

 Ultra Color Caribbean Live Rock

Grades of Live Rock

We purchase only the nicest live rock from some of the best sources. Once collected, all our Live Rock is placed in high current ocean vats, not just misted with water. We make sure it is flown off the island, not shipped which other suppliers do, (often shipping live rock by boat delays shipments from 4-6 weeks). We then treat our live rock in 600 gallon vats with the right chemistry and large skimmers , it's an almost zero ammonia enviroment for our live rock to thrive in. This removes unwanted organisms, while adding nourishment to the existing life forms we wish to have flourish.

If your tank contains fish, corals or invertebrates already
, before adding your new delivery of live rock, (cured or uncured), please be sure to do a final cure, just as a precaution.    
- The weight listed is the total weight of just the live rock packaged for shipping.
It does not include the weight of the packaging materials, the box or the foam container it is shipped in. Most online rock dealers do not use our fair price for live rock procedures.
- We ship live rock & sand via Fed Ex Ground Delivery Tuesday through Friday. Delivery time varies by where you live, but usually runs 1-3 days. If you prefer guaranteed Fed Ex 2nd Day air, you will incur additional shipping costs.
- Aquatic Connection pays the actual Fedex shipping charges for live rock shipments 25 pounds and higher. There is still a packaging charge for live rock shipments which pays for all shipping materials and packaging costs. All information on shipping time and costs may be found on our shipping page here: Click here for shipping information

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