About Aquatic Connection Live

Aquatic Connection Live's website Aquacon.com was started in 1983 to offer a great shopping experience for saltwater fish, live corals, live rock , live sand, invertebrates and virtually all saltwater aquarium needs…We are well over 20 years old, with experience on every aspect of marine life, marine life products, and marine aquarium care. Where possible, we purchase directly from the divers which removes some of the holding and transporting times. The fewer times livestock is handled the better chance in receiving healthy and hearty livestock. While others claim to quarantine their fish we guarantee all of our fragile or exotic fish are quarantined for a minimum of two weeks. This enables us to select only the best specimens and enables you to be more successful in acclimating your new additions.

Our specialists will help you with every step, from answering initial setup questions, questions about what fish and coral species will be best for you, to making sure that your tank has been set up for you to be successful. We pride ourselves in offering our customers the best selection, availability, and service, to make your aquarium experience truely enjoyable.

Our team of marine life specialists work to bring you the finest live stock and marine life products, and all the information needed to provide the best care for your aquarium and it's inhabitants. Whether novice, hobbyist or a seasoned enthusiast, we're there to help you. You can rest assured, that behind every phone call there is a marine specialist who truely is concerned with helping you choose the right animals and keeping them healthy. Our marine experts are heavily involved in marine aquariums both during working hours and are all advanced hobbyist's after hours. We stay in tuned to changing technology with company involvement in the hobby along with support for MACNA and other marine society programs.

The quality and health of our marine life is second to none.
The holding facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to maintain precise water conditions and maintain all our livestock in good health and as stress free as possible. While in our care, every fish is offered the proper foods to meet its specific nutritional requirements. Each specimen is visually inspected by one of our experienced marine specialists before it is chosen for your aquarium.

Our Saltwater Fish and select invertebrates are held a minimum of 14 days. Aquatic Connections Acclimation Program assures our customers the highest quality specimens. Saltwater fish and fragile inverts are tanked for acclimation, under perfect conditions to allow for the easiest adaptation to aquarium life. Only once our livestock manager is assured they are ready for shipping will new marine life be shipped out to their new homes.