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Nano Coral Pack's are a combination of various corals that are well suited for a mini reef, such as the Nano Cube or equivalent. 

Nano Coral Pack's are a combination of various corals that are well suited for a mini reef, such as the Nano Cube or equivalent. We have chosen select corals for their hardiness, popularity, and suitability to flourish in the nano reef environment.

All of the corals included do not require supplemental feedings. They pull their nutrition from a process called photosynthasis. Although not nescessary, you may find the corals thrive better in the nano environment with very small feedings of phytoplankton and brine shrimp. Be careful when suplemental feedings are provided, as the water quality in the nano environment can deteriorate very quickly.

Recommended Nano aquarium components include both live sand and live rock. These components give a large boost to the biological system, needed to make the Nano system thrive.

For lighting, we recommend at least 2 watts per gallon either by power compact or standard flourescent lighting. The addition of an actinic bulb will greatly enhance the "look" of your Nano Reef Tank.

Low water flow is fine for the selected corals, therefore the water pump standard with your Nano system will be just fine.


 We Will Send You 4 Nice Corals for $89.99! 
Each pack consists of a mix of 4 different Nano corals. Depending on availability, you pick 1 coral from each category. When ordering more than 1 Nano Coral Pack, you may pick different choices so that every coral you recieve will be different. *Note - if a coral is out of stock we will provide a nice substitute.

 Corals Approved for Nano Coral Packs
Click the images below to see pop-up windows with pictures of the corals!

Green Striped
Flourescent Green
Metallic Green Hairy
Umbrella Mushroom
Yellow Flowering
Green Zooanthus
Orange Zoo's
Ultra Pink Zoo's
Star Polyp
Leather Corals
Cocoa Toadstool
Neon Tree Coral
Green Finger
Yellow Finger
Frilly Cabbage
LPS Corals
Candy Coral
Torch Coral
Frogspawn Coral 
Green Branch Hammer

 Approximate Coral Size: Varies with species, typically 1" to 2"
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Order Line: 800-798-7625
Fax Line: 954-792-6743

Due to variations within each species, your aquatic life may not look identical to the image provided. 
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