Current USA PowerBrite LED Lighting System

Replicating the dynamic natural qualities of sun and moon lighting, the PowerBrite lighting system combines the life-sustaining wavelengths of light with the efficiency of LED technology into one sleek lighting system. The excellent depth penetration adds the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow found on natural coral reefs while producing virtually no heat and consuming little electricity. The PowerBrite LED system is available as a powered lighting system or linking module in 10,000k Daylight, 460nm Actinic, or a 10,000k/Actinic combination.

PowerBrite LED Systems use high intensity 1 watt (50-60 lumens/watt) Power LED's that provide a point source light, producing the "shimmering" effect often found from using high intensity lighting systems such as metal halides. PowerBrite LED's are designed to enhance existing lighting systems such as fluorescent and compact fluorescent systems, as well as act as a stand alone light in very small aquariums, refugiums - as well as powerful nocturnal moon lights. It is recommended to use one PowerBrite LED for every 20" of aquarium tank length.

PowerBrite Lighting System Features

- An easy to install lighting solution that adds vibrancy and movement to any aquarium.

- Each lighting system and linking module includes a complete installation kit that allows for multiple configurations on the tank or inside existing canopies & hoods.

- Adds the shimmering effect of metal halides without the heat build-up

- Efficient high power LED's last up to 50,000 hours with polished conical reflectors for maximum output and intensity. 

- Linkable connection for up to two PowerBrite LED Modules

- Promotes strong and healthy coral, invertebrate and plant growth

 Model Description Price
 1643 12" PowerBrite Lighting System 2-10K/2-460nm actinic LED's    $69.95
 1644 12" PowerBrite Linking Module* 2-10K/2-460nm actinic LED's   $52.95
 1645 12" PowerBrite Lighting System 4-10K LED's    $69.95
 1646 12" PowerBrite Linking Module* 4-10K LED's   $52.95
 1647 12" PowerBrite Lighting System 4-460nm actinic LED's    $69.95
 1648 12" PowerBrite Linking Module* 4-460nm actinic LED's    $52.95
*PowerBrite Linking Modules require PowerBrite Lighting System for use